Sales & Service

PC Bonkers

PC Bonkers is your local, affordable computer expert servicing customers in Prescott, Wisconsin and surrounding areas
How can I help?
  • Diagnose and repair many ailments affecting Windows PCs & laptops.
  • Move your files and reinstall programs on your new PC.
  • Recover files from a computer/laptop that no longer works.
  • Teach you how to use a program or your favorite website.
  • Help you set-up and use that new iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet.
  • Set-up and configure your printer or wireless network.
  • Scan for and remove viruses, web hijacks, and other malware.
  • Help you start and use free services from Google.

And so much more! I have a growing list of customers who trust me to save their files, remove viruses, install & fix software, clean their PCs and get them running again.